Festival of Awkward Moments.


Festival of Awkward MomentsIn rep along with Desperation Panties, Freshwater Theatre Company held a wildly successful Festival of Awkward Moments, at the Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul, May 6-22, 2011.

Defining an awkward moment as “something you would not want to live through but would stop to watch,” Freshwater Theatrereceived hundreds of very short play submissions, and managed to whittle it down to 14 diverse plays randing from 1 to 6 minutes each.

These awkward moments, some funny, some painful, all true (and you know it!) combined the efforts of 40+ actors, writers and local and national directors to present an evening of new, original work that made audiences roar with laughter…and squirm in their seats a little.




The Plays, Playwrights, Cast and Directors:

Bedtime Story by Valerie Borey, directed by Edward Linder
Featuring Rick Logan, Stacey Poirer and Mame Pelletier

Pet Names by Stacey Lane & Diarrhea by Dawson Moore, directed by Jimmy LeDuc
Both plays featuring Josh Carson and Courtney Miner

Mr. Gingersnap by Nichole Carey, directed by David Schlosser
Featuring Mark Mattison, David McMenomy and Kyra Corrine Warren

No Goat by Ruth Virkus, directed by Ben Layne
Featuring Amber Bjork and Geoffrey Hofman Frethem

Flapjacks & Bagels by Mame Pelletier, directed by Ben Layne
Featuring Amber Bjork, Geoffrey Hofman-Frethem, Victoria Pyan and Adan Varela

A Little Nightmare Before Christmas by Persephone Vandegrift, directed by Ryan Henderson
Featuring Neal Beckman, Bob Flynn, Addie Phelps and Renata Shaffer-Gottschalk

Halitosis by Roger Brookfield, directed by Scott Pakudaitis
Featuring Kate Gunther and Matthew Saxe

Strings by J. Merrill Motz, directed by Katie Starks
Featuring Kendra Ryan and Josh Vogen

Cut or Uncut by Neil Haven, directed by Amber Bjork
Featuring D.L. Diltz, Megan Engeseth, Brian Hesser, Ben Layne and Mikey Wadlund

Time In by James Reynolds, directed by Ariel Pinkerton
Featuring Katie Starks and Charla Lange

Wingman by Eric “Pogi” Sumangil & Old MacDonald Dirge by Justin Maxwell, directed by Derek Ewing
Both plays featuring Brigid Kelly and Josh Carson

Dream Sequence by Scot Moore, directed by John Leaf
Featuring Brian Casey and John Leaf

Publicity Photo courtesy of Matt Black Studios.

Check out this trailer we made in partnership with TMJ Productions for both shows!