Desperation Panties.

Desperation PantiesFreshwater Theatre Company presented our world premiere production of Desperation Panties by Ruth Virkus May 6-22, 2011 at the Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul!

From the Opening Night Karaoke Party and “Beet Your Meat” Raffle to sets from Ben Cook-Feltz and the Glorious Percussion Armada and Courney McLean, audiences joined us throughout the run for good times and great theatre!

Sometimes, taking a bus to the impound lot wearing your last clean pair of underwear is a life changing experience.

Having moved to Stevens Square from the comfort of the suburbs in the wake of a messy divorce, Adele is forced to confront her new life – including her woeful inability to do her own laundry – due to her car being stolen. In the process of making her way to the impound lot, Adele finds that the world outside her apartment, while certainly hazardous to her car, is perhaps a little less frightening than she and her overbearing mother imagined. Desperation Panties is a satire, a lament, an adventure… but ultimately, our love letter to Minneapolis!

Featuring Lacey Zeiler, Kathy Piotter, Jason Vogen, John Zeiler, Christine Sweet, Anthony Neuman, Joshua Walker, Debra Berger, Joy Dolo, and Rod Kleiss, and the voices of Katie Starks, Rachel Flynn, Kelli Gorr and Sam Crnobrna. Directed by Claire Avitabile with Nicole Wilder.

Stage management by Emily Arachtingi, costumes by Renata Shaffer-Gottschalk, set and props by Philip Hoks, lighting by Julia Carlis and sound by Scot Moore with Freshwater Co-Artistic Directors Ruth Virkus and Ben Layne as the head producers.

We also created a duo trailer for both Desperation Panties and our Festival of Awkward Moments in partnership with TMJ Productions!