Dirty Girls Come Clean.

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Dirty Girl.

What do you think of when you hear that term? What is “dirty” – or what even qualifies one to be a girl?

Freshwater Theatre Company proudly presented the world premiere of Dirty Girls Come Clean: The Festival in rep with The Book of Liz in September 2011.

Featuring original and world premiere material by local writers and performers Cynthia Uhrich, Hannah Holman, Tamara Titsworth, Amy Salloway, Kjersti Bohrer, Alison Witham, Courtney McLean, Rachel Flynn*, J. Merrill Motz* and Ariel Pinkerton*, Freshwater Theatre’s festival examined this idiom and all its potential meanings. We took the phrase “dirty girl” and put it through the wringer.

By turns raw, hilarious, introspective and sexy, this confessional style festival featured all new work by some of the best local writers and performers in the Twin Cities. Running the gamut from autobiographical to biblical, each piece is a unique take on how women define themselves, or are defined by others.

Performed by: Kjersti Bohrer, Hannah Holman, Courtney McLean, J. Merrill Motz, Mame Pelletier, Ariel Leaf, Amy Salloway, Katie Starks andAmanda Thomm.

Dirty Girls Come Clean features not only the writing/performing talents of the lovely artists listed above, but also direction by Claire AvitabileHannah Holman, Cynthia Uhrich and Ruth Virkus*, and is stage managed by Emily ArachtingiDirty Girls Come Clean is produced by Freshwater Theatre Company members Ruth Virkus and Neil Schneider and publicity materials are designed by Ruth Virkus, with photo by Matt Black Studios.

* Denotes Freshwater Theatre Company member