The Book of Liz.

The Book of Liz

Freshwater Theatre presented yet another off-beat comedy, The Book of Liz by David and Amy Sedaris, at Nimbus Theatre in NE Minneapolis September 10-25, 2011.

The Play

Sister Elizabeth (Liz) Donderstock (of the Squeamish colony) is about to be squeezed out of her life’s work – making world-class cheese balls. Her midlife version of Rumspringa and her colony’s attempts to cope with her absence paint the backdrop for this smart comedy by the brilliant Sedaris siblings.

Featuring Mame Pelletier, Michael Sung-Ho, Joel Raney, Madelyne Riley, Alana LaBissoniere, and Ben Layne.

Directed by Scot Moore, Stage Management by Emily Arachtingi, Set by Ursula K. Bowden, Props by Erin McArdle, Costumes by Maggie Scanlan, Sound by Scot Moore and Lights by Matthew Kraft. Produced by Ruth Virkus and Ben Layne.

Photo courtesy of Matt Black Studios, design by Mame Pelletier.