2016 Fringe Piers.

FWPierFreshwater Theatre is proud to have several of our company members involved in shows premiering at the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival!


AC Postcard FrontThe Abortion Chronicles

presented by The Red Letter Society
Curated by Ariel Leaf, Ruth Virkus, & Ben Layne, Directed by Ben Layne

We know that to keep our right to a safe and legal abortion, we need to dismantle taboos. So, we decided to start by asking you for your own stories and experiences. You are funny. You are sad. You are angry. You are honest. You are everywhere- next to us on the bus, at work, in bed. You had good reasons. You had no other option. You have something important to tell us. The Red Letter Society presents “The Abortion Chronicles”, true stories of women, men, and reality.

Theatre in the Round (245 Cedar Avenue, Mpls, MN 55454)
8/5/16 7:00 PM | 8/6/16 10:00 PM | 8/9/16 10:00 PM | 8/12/16 8:30 PM | 8/14/16 1:00 PM
Photo by Ariel Leaf, design by Ben Layne

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.59.41 PMBreak Your Heart
Presented by One T Productions
by Scot Moore, directed by Ben Layne

Stranded, heartbroken, and sitting in an airport halfway around the world, a hapless guy decides to just keep flying until something, anything makes sense, resulting in the heartbreak journey of a lifetime.

Intermedia Arts (2282 Lyndale Ave S, Mpls, MN 55408)
8/5/16 10:00 PM | 8/6/16 7:00 PM | 8/8/16 8:30 PM | 8/11/16 10:00 PM | 8/14/16 4:00 PM

Good Friday with Dillingerdillinger-fringe postcard_title
presented by LookBack Productions,
co-produced by Ruth Virkus
Written by Tim Mahoney

Good Friday With Dillinger whisks us back to spring, 1934, as John Dillinger and Billie Frechette drop in on Minneapolis friends. One of them, Eddie Green, aspires to be a Dillinger gangster. His wife, Bess, wants Dillinger out of the house and out of their lives. As for The World’s Most Famous Bad Guy, he hasn’t quite figured out that he’s a danger to himself and all around him. This historically-accurate play is based on research done for the book Secret Partners, published by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Rarig Xperimental (330 21st Ave. S. Mpls, MN 55455)
8/5/15 8:30 PM | 8/7/16 2:30 PM | 8/8/16 10:00 PM | 8/11/16 5:30 PM | 8/13/16 5:30 PM

The Jackpot Hour with(out) Jack PowerJACKPOT HOUR
presented by Paper Soul
Written and performed by J. Merrill Motz

It’s The Jackpot Hour w/ Jack Power, America’s #1 game show! Even though Jack Power has left to host his own talk show, The Jackpot Hour w/ Jack Power must go on…so now, welcome your new host, NOT Jack Power!

Rarig Xperimental (330 21st Ave. S. Mpls, MN 55455)
8/6/16 4:00 PM| 8/7/16 8:30 PM | 8/9/16 10:00 PM 8/12/16 7:00 PM | 8/14/16 2:30 PM

Poster Art by Jay Fosgitt www.jayfosgitt.com

Grand Theft AutobiographyGT Autobiography
Written and performed by Daniel Pinkerton
Directed by Ariel Leaf

How Far Can a teenage boy go with a willing girl and a talent for stealing cars? Crank up the tunes and cruise back to the summer of ’66 as playwright Daniel Pinkerton, aided and abetted by legendary musician Gary Rue, bring you something he’s never written about before: himself.

Strike Theater (1620 Central Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN)
8/4/16 5:30pm | 8/6/16 10:00pm | 8/8/16 7:00pm | 8/11/16 8:30pm | 8/14/16 1:00pm